I am not only an actor who plays Xena, I am as well author, director, designer, costumedesigner, producer, horsechoreographer etc. of the whole production.

In short words - I am responsible for everything about the Xena-Live-Action-Show.

 First of all there is the idea about the plot - then I have to consider my ressources (how many actors, horses, stuntmen, extras, etc. are disposable) - and after this  I develop the screenplay.

 I create the choreography for the fights and action scenes together with my stuntteam. The horse choreography I do.
I choose the soundtrack  and do a raw mix – and then work it out with my sound engineer.

Xena Show

For playing my role I first study the text - at the same time I practice my horseriding and combat scenes.

Xena Show

Then there are a lot of rehearsals with the other members of the show. Some of my members rehearse at their hometown and then  we rehearse alltogether short time before the show.

crew bus

Not to forget the technical rehearsals for the sound and the costume rehearsals.
So at the end the puzzle becomes a great show !

XENA Poster

  Besides that there's a lot of things to do – that everything works well (eventorganization, eventmarketing, preparing of the location, selling the tickets, designing of flyers and posters, etc.).

XENA Poster

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